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The Mission

The Breckenridge Fly Fishing Film Tour hosts the annual ‘Fly Fishing Film Tour,’ or similar events, to be held in Summit and Park counties, and the surrounding region in Colorado. The BreckF3T annually presents the national Fly Fishing Film Tour as a community fundraiser to benefit non-profit organizations using and protecting our watersheds to enable rehabilitation of others and provide education and outdoor opportunities for underserved communities through fly fishing and related activities. The BreckF3T will organize events to achieve those goals and additionally create community, inspire, encourage others, and support conservation efforts.

The Board


Chris Benson - President

Who: An old soldier who loves all things 'high country Colorado', especially fly fishing and skiing

Why: Giving back and serving the community is built into 'who I am'. I love serving with this motivated and energetic team of similar souls. The BreckF3T is the result of countless hours of planning and coordinating by this team and it shows in an always improving community night of fun and support to important non-profits.


Tim West - Vice President

Who: Tim is the owner of Breckenridge Outfitters. An avid outdoorsman and father of two, who loves all things outdoors and protecting our resources for future generations.

Why: BreckF3T has an incredible mission statement and vision for how to give back to our local community and give exposure to our sport. Tim has found ways to match his passion of fly fishing and the outdoors, to volunteer for non profits and positions on numerous boards involving our sport and conservation efforts.


Kendra Fuller - Secretary

Who: A leader in local river restoration who really just wants natural ecosystems to thrive because they are so amazing, inspiring, and critical.

Why: Community involvement and contribution should be fun. The BreckF3T is FUN! Serving on the BreckF3T Board allows me to invite others to learn how they can become better stewards to our rivers and support programs that increase accessibility to outdoor recreation.



Chris Paterson

Who: A Chicago kid who finally found his way back to the mountains after a 25 year hiatus. I have a passion for everything outdoors (snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking, exploring, golfing) and now after finally venturing out into the water (a lifelong dream) Fly Fishing.

Why: Serving others, helping others, being part of my community has been part of me since I was a child, and now this opportunity to be part of such an amazing group is ideal, I can’t wait to help build and support this wonderful organization.


Evan Streit

Who: A passionate angler with a love for our Summit County angling community and our beautiful trout streams, I am the general manager of the Mountain Angler in Breckenridge.

Why: This event is the best night of the year for the Summit County fly fishing community allowing us to come together and share the sport we love. More importantly though, the event supports 3 incredible causes, which is the main reason which is why I am so proud to be a part of it.


Sarah Barclay

Who: Fly Fisher. Tele skier. Realtor. Alzheimer’s Association Champion. Crazy about digging clams for dinner, old farm trucks, and fishing off the beaten path.



Amy Sides

Who - An outdoor enthusiast, Veteran spouse, mother, and beginner fly fisherwoman with a passion for making a difference in my community.


Why - My husband served 12 years in the Marine Corps and was wounded by an IED.  He found recovery through snowboarding, and then fly fishing... mostly thanks to Project Healing Waters CO Alpine Chapter.  Anything to help the PHWFF organization - I'm in!  Fly fishing has become a source of fun and togetherness in my family.  I've worked with outdoor/adventure films for 17 years, and so my passion for film also plays into my interest in being a part of this organization. Putting on an impactful night of film solely to benefit three amazing organizations in my community is something I am so grateful for.

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